Phone Lines Swamped

One of the best reasons to utilize the services of a qualified health insurance agent is illustrated in an article in the Ventura County Star by Tom Kisken,
January 15, 2014. He states that, “For many people, the hardest part of navigating the Covered California exchange and meeting a payment deadline that kicked in for some on Wednesday may be connecting with a live person.” The article goes on with example after example of people who spent hours calling Covered California’s toll-free number designed to connect people with help only to be told repeatedly by an automated voice that the high volume of calls meant that they should go to and find aid there. Callers who persisted and kept trying the line say they eventually end up on hold, waiting for as long as 97 minutes. They are often told at the end of the call they need to call the insurance company on lines also flooded with calls. Covered California officials said the automated disconnects are caused by a flood of phone calls that reached 75,995 for the week ending Jan. 11. People can enroll in plans through the exchange until March 31. The phone flood was pushed by payment deadlines. For the week ending Nov. 2, the average wait time for a call to Covered California was less than three minutes. The average wait for the week ending Jan. 11 was more than 49 minutes. 
”I found out I’m not even in (Blue Shield’s) system,” said Connie Kline of Simi Valley, who called the insurer and Covered California every day last week and was left without any proof she’s insured. “It’s not like I called once or twice. I called I don’t know how many times.”

Blue Shield was receiving 57,000 calls a day from people in the individual marketplace that includes Covered California plans. WellPoint, parent company of Anthem Blue Cross, received about 1 million calls the first two business days in January. “That’s more than we get in an average month,” said Anthem spokesman Darrel Ng. Hundreds of new people have been hired to work customer service and hundreds more have been shifted from other positions to help,” Ng said. Blue Shield said it ramped up its call center as well. Kaiser said they’re calling Covered California enrollees to help with any payment questions. 
Kennedy said, “Covered California is adding call center staff and considering expanding the number of phone lines, currently at 1,288.” He said people who can’t get through the lines can go to the Medi-Cal eligibility offices run by the Ventura County Human Service Agencies and trained to deal with Medi-Cal and Covered California. Or they can go to and use the “local help” button to find enrollment counselors and insurance agents.
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