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March 31st Affordable Care Enrollment Deadline

It was reported in an article February 24, 2014 by the Los Angeles Times that California’s enrollment website for Obamacare coverage was restored Monday after a five-day outage due to software problems.

The online troubles frustrated many consumers, enrollment counselors and insurance agents who wanted to use the Covered California website. The state had been signing up more than 7,000 people per day, on average, in February.

The online enrollment system went down late Wednesday and the state continued to work on it throughout the weekend.

In a statement, Covered California attributed the website problem “to a software malfunction that occurred during a planned maintenance update on Sunday, Feb. 16.”

Regardless of the online glitches, it was also reported that more than 1.7 million Californians have signed up for health coverage since Oct. 1, according to the state’s insurance exchange.

“This shows how strongly Californians are stepping up to take advantage of the Covered California opportunity,’ Peter Lee, the exchange’s executive director, said at a news conference Wednesday.
Another 877,000 Californians were determined to be likely eligible for coverage under the health care law’s expansion of Medi-Cal, the state’s health program for the poor.

Over the last month, the numbers of enrollees in private plans jumped by 203,072, while the number of Medi-Cal enrollees increased by 293,000.

“At least 626,210 of those who selected private plans are eligible for federal tax subsidies,” Lee said. “Covered California does not know how many of those who have signed up for plans were previously uninsured.”

With the March 31st open enrollment deadline rapidly approaching, it is important to contact Jeremy now at (310) 486-7620.

Open Enrollment – Affordable Health Care Exchange

Reasons to Use An Agent for the Exchange
Open enrollment for the Affordable Health Care Exchange begins October 1, 2013 for effective coverage January 1, 2014. The Exchange can be confusing so let us guide you through the decision and application process. All agents are required to complete hours of training to prepare to aid you in deciding whether the exchange is right for you and to help you navigate the application process.
Small business owners will be directed to Certified Agents. In order to ensure that you have personalized service throughout the length of your coverage, Covered California is referring applicants to Licensed Agents.
Call Jeremy at (310) 486-7625 to have your questions answered and your particular insurance needs met.