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Press Release – Wall Street Journal

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December 11, 2013, 2:41 p.m. ET

Jeremy Smith, President of Jordan Financial Network Insurance Services, Inc. has Recently been Certified by Covered California as an Active Agent in Supporting the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Veteran insurance agent sees Obamacare changes to be the biggest he’s ever seen, but will open market to new customers.

Los Angeles, CA — Dec 11, 2013 / ( — Jeremy Smith, President of Jordan Financial Network Insurance Services, Inc. has recently been certified by Covered California as an Active Agent in supporting the Affordable Care Act (ACA), frequently penned by many as “Obamacare.” Smith has been an Insurance Agent for 25 years and has seen the industry go through many changes. “But nothing like we are going to see over the next several months,” Smith added. “The recent changes will open doors to many people who previously were uninsurable and now will not only be able to obtain insurance, but can do so at an affordable cost.”
“Further,” Smith continued, “many Insurance professionals will also realize the vast ‘unexplored territory’ that will suddenly become available if that professional is willing to put the value of his client before his pocketbook.” In other words, Smith feels he will be able to increase his client base, while serving as a good source to help consumers to navigate through the haze of the complex healthcare market and get a better understanding of how this system will work.
Although Smith concedes the Government could have done a better job of educating the populace on the finer points of the ACA, he chooses not to dwell on the negative. “I have a choice. I can bemoan the fact that people are confused about what they should do regarding their health insurance or I can be proactive and become an expert on ‘Obamacare’ and be one of those folks who really knows his stuff and can truly help individuals and employers make the choices that will work the best for them regarding both benefits and costs. I choose to adopt the latter version,” Smith said.
Smith claimed that every person he knows has instantly become a potential client, or at least someone he can help to understand the process of the ACA. “Every person who filed a tax return for 2012 is a legitimate lead for me and this is exciting,” Smith says, “But it is way more exciting to be able to teach, consult, and be the ‘go to’ guy for people looking for answers to their healthcare insurance inquiries. Smith’s website, contains a plethora of information and blogs regarding ACA as well as opportunities for consumers to actually apply on his site for various insurance products outside the exchange. For those who will qualify inside the exchange, Smith can provide assistance in signing up with the Governmental program.
Smith’s Jordan Financial Network also offers insurance to both individuals and businesses in many other arenas, including Life, Workers Comp, Long Term Care, Disability, Medicare Supplements, etc.for people living in California and Arizona. Smith can be reached at 310-486-7625 or on his website.